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She helps people adjust their profile and she tries to find people who complement each other.

Small Business Mentor Matchmaking – HCC Spring Branch

She went through the history of matchmaking in the Bible: God matches Adam and Eve. The Abraham and Sarah match is within their family. Message — start in your community. Isaac and Rebecca — Eliezer was the matchmaker and Rebecca passed the camel test. She not only offered water to Eliezer, but to his camels.

Hear From a Mentor

Jacob worked 7 years to marry Rachel. In a patriarchal society, where the father chooses a husband for his daughter, he may seek the help of a matchmaker. Individuals that have a need and want to network with peers or mentors. It can also be used by entrepreneurs or individuals seeking to collaborate.

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This portal is also the way you can input your skills and passions so you can be linked to individuals seeking help. Brave Launch Mentors and Teams: This is also the portal for participants in our business accelerator program, Brave Launch, beginning September 27, If you have volunteered to be a mentor or adviser, you will use this site to input your skills.

For the teams, at least one participant per team should be a registered user to facilitate matchmaking with your mentors and advisers.

'Mentor/Mentee Matchmaking' event at

How Does It Work? What Is the Cost?

Our Research Methodology This article is one of , experiments. Services Insights Reports Books. Menteer is a mobile app that plays matchmaker between wide-eyed job seekers and supportive mentors.

source url It's a great way for people making their initial forays into the professional world -- or looking to make a drastic career switch -- to access the wisdom and experience of people who have already been around the proverbial block.