There aren't many risks associated with picking up girls. Most of the issues involve alcohol or drugs in some form, as clubs and bars sometimes have "that one guy" who causes a scene. However, these situations are easily controlled by local security. Other than that, you may have a run in with a jealous boyfriend, but this can be handled with tact. Most people do not resort to violence. Ensure that you practice safe sex. Use a condom when you have the opportunity, as it protects you from any unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

There are three main ways to get into a girl's pants really quickly. The beach, the clubs in the city centre and online dating has the greatest potential to get you laid quickly.

The 10 Best Gay Bars in Melbourne, Australia

What you want is the ability to meet a large number of girls as soon as possible. Online dating is the one that fulfils the criterion of meeting girls. It allows you to meet as many girls as possible in such a short space of time. As an added bonus, the foreign status attracts more girls than local men. The more exotic men, such as Hispanic, black and European men have a certain niche, too. By matching with tens of girls every day, you can quickly take it to a physical date.

Once you meet a girl with whom you have a really string attraction, things quickly progress to the bedroom. There is a reason why men go to bars to pickup women, and Melbourne is no different. Australian girls are fun and outgoing and they can probably match most guys in a drinking contest. Furthermore, the combination of alcohol and conversation has been a method of finding a hook-up since its invention. Use it to your advantage. Fancy yourself a Greek god with your shirt off? Well, Melbourne has some great beaches where you can approach girls and impress them with your beach body.

Most of the girls appreciate a well-built physique, so finding a girl to start a conversation with can lead to a date - and maybe a late night love-making session The Sugar Baby scene in Melbourne is still quite new but there are a lot of beautiful young girls looking for a Sugar Daddy.

49 Gay Melbourne Toilelts, Washrooms, Gay guide

The best and safest way to hook up with a Sugar Baby is online. At SecretBenefits. These babes are easy to approach and you can settle everything before meeting up. Anyone can be a sugar daddy. Just create your free account at SecretBenefits and start enjoying the wide selection of Sugar Babies available. The Melbourne swinging scene is alive and happening, with much of the industry dependant on the private parties which happen in everyday suburban houses. There are companies with whom you can get into contact with if you want entry into these parties, but they cost a lot.

The best companies to contact are:.

You can expect to pay quite a bit for food. Australia is renowned for its expensive labour costs and the high tax rates. However, the city does make up for its exorbitant food prices with accommodation. However, you will have to watch out for seasonal rates when booking accommodation near to the beach, as many international holidaymakers create a demand which causes the price to go up substantially.

Alcohol is expensive. Thanks to high taxes and really expensive overheads, the cost of most beers is higher than most other cities. Stick to the local brands; they are fairly tasty, and they are substantially cheaper. Clubs, restaurants and bars add a hefty margin to their alcohol. Food is probably the most expensive part of the budget, comparatively speaking. In fact, the food prices of all the major cities of Australia compare directly with famous international cities where the earning capacity is far higher.

The startling difference is that there are no real budget options. Melbourne is a safe city with many different areas to choose from. As a foreigner, it can be difficult to choose exactly where to stay.

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Anywhere is good - anywhere close to public transport, that is. Some areas, however, are just that little bit better for finding girls than others. They also give you a great platform to invite girls back to your apartment or hotel room. No matter who you hook-up with at a club, nobody wants to spend an hour on the train to get to some stranger's house. St Kilda - close to the beach and one of the grander places in town. It has some of the best resorts, amusement parks and beaches in the country, which makes it the perfect place to game by day and night.

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Fitzroy - the more boho addition to the city. Fitzroy offers easy access to the city centre and a sparkling nightlife. There are many trendy restaurants and bars around, and even more to do than you might first think. Hostels are a dime a dozen. You can also access the city centre with a 5-minute train ride. Carlton - a green and vibrant part of the city. It has many upmarket apartments and a host of Italian restaurants to choose from.

It is home to the best pizza and some of the best women. The choice of which one to chase after is up to you. Melbourne CBD - The city centre is always pumping. Bars, clubs and restaurants - you name it. It is the portion of the city that never sleeps, and there is plenty to do.

You can find hostels, hotels and premium entertainment resorts to stay in. It is also one of the better places to meet girls. By air : Melbourne International Airport is the main airport that services the Melbourne city.

It is the second busiest airport in the country and is thoroughly equipped to get you on your way into the city for a great time. There are restaurants, transport options and plenty of retail shopping outlets to keep you entertained for hours. By bus : The bus system is great. It runs all hours of the day and the routes take you to every corner in the city.

There is a bit of admin involved; you must purchase a Smartcard and load currency on the card in order to use the bus , but once done, it is extremely efficient. By car : Ride-sharing apps are the most common form of transport. They are not too expensive when compared to other Western cities in North America and Europe. The best apps are Uber and Taxify. If something goes wrong with your ride, you will struggle to get refunds and customer support is terrible. As a tourist, Uber is the better app, but if you have a tight budget, Taxify is the way to go. By train : The metro system is fantastic.

You won't have any problems and it is a quick way to explore such a vast city.

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By using both the train and the bus, you can get pretty much anywhere. It is especially good is you are traveling to distant areas.

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Trains are quick and cheap in this exercise. By boat : There are a number of boat-related trips available - whether for mere transport or for sightseeing reasons. You will want to check on the day what is available; a simple Google search will help in this regard. Visas : Visas are available from the Australian official representatives in your region. Most Western countries are allowed free access for a certain amount of days; African, Middle Easter and Asian countries will most likely need a visa before entering.